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Crow Pose Benefits, Steps, and Precautions

    Crow Pose Benefits

    Crow Pose is a very useful posture to strengthen the hands, apart from the hands, there are many other benefits of Crow Pose which we will know here today.

    Balance is most important in this pose and maintaining balance in this pose requires careful practice and will take some time to do well.

    Why named Crow Pose?

    All yoga postures are named on what the body posture looks like. Crow pose is also one such pose, in its body looks like a crow or crane, it is also called a crane pose.

    How to do?

    It is certainly a difficult pose, it is not easy to do. It is possible that losing balance could result in injury. So in the beginning follow the steps given below very carefully:

    • Stand up straight by laying a mat on a clean and flat ground.
    • Now bend both the legs and sit in Thunderbolt Pose(Vajrasana).
    • Now keeping the palms of both the hands forward, come on the toes and hands.
    • Keep in mind that there should be a slight gap between your hands.
    • Bend the hands at the elbows and keep your knees above the elbows while taking them out from the elbows.
    • Trying to put all the weight on your hands, raise your feet.
    • First lift the left leg and then lift the right leg.
    • Now the legs bent from both the knees should be in a straight line and all your weight on the hands.
    • keep the spine straight.
    • Stay in this position to the best of your capacity.
    • After that, first of all, keep the left foot on the ground and then the right foot on the ground and come back to normal position.
    • This one cycle is complete.
    • In this way, you can do 2-3 cycles.

    It is difficult to balance in the beginning, so do not be in any hurry and practice slowly. In the beginning, it will be easy if you take the support of the wall.

    Crow Pose Benefits?

    The simple rule of yoga is that if we do the regular practice of the poses properly, we definitely get benefits. It may take a little longer for you to get the benefits, but the end result will be a solution to your problems and a healthy body. Here are the benefits of this pose:

    • Strengthens arm, shoulder, leg muscles.
    • Improve glow on the face.
    • Stomach diseases never happen.
    • Keeps weight under control.
    • Keeps the body healthy.

    What Precautions should be Taken?

    This is a difficult pose, doing it in the wrong way can cause harm instead of benefit. This pose should not be done in the following situations:

    • High blood pressure.
    • Heart disease.
    • Severe stomach disease.
    • In the pain of palms, elbows, shoulders, waist, knees, sciatica.
    • Pregnant women should not do it at all.
    • If you have had any type of surgery then do not do it.

    Crow Pose FAQ

    How long should one stay in Crow Pose?

    30 seconds to 2 minutes or as per your capacity.

    Does this pose improve digestion?

    Yes, it is very beneficial in the problem of indigestion.

    Does this pose improve attention?



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