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Corpse Pose Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

    Corpse Pose (Shavasana) has many benefits and a very effective yoga pose for the body. This is a great way to remove the fatigue and stress caused by a hectic life. This yoga pose has many benefits for the body.

    If you are worried about your health, then yoga can give you freedom from this worry and give you a healthy life.

    Yoga is the only option for which you neither have to spend much time nor do you need to spend much money. Even for yoga, you do not need to go anywhere, you can practice yoga in a well-ventilated place at home.

    As the body needs rest at night after working the whole day, in the same manner, the posture which gives rest to the body after the practice of yoga is called the corpse pose. So let’s know everything about the corpse pose.

    How to do Corpse Pose(Shavasana)?

    Any yoga pose is completely beneficial only when done in the right way. Therefore, to take all the benefits of this pose, you must follow the following steps:

    1. Lie down on your back by laying a yoga mat in a clean and ventilated place.
    2. Close your eyes.
    3. Keep your feet slightly away from each other and the toes straight in front.
    4. Keep the hands on either side of the body a little away from the body.
    5. The palms should be facing the sky.
    6. Do not put pressure on any part of the body.
    7. Leave your body completely loose.
    8. Concentrating on different parts of the body, slowly relax your entire body.
    9. Keep breathing in and out slowly.
    10. Allow the body and mind to relax as much as possible with deep breathing.
    11. Do not bring any thoughts to your mind.
    12. Forgetting everything, stay in this state for 10 minutes and then come out of the posture. Gradually you can increase the time by 15-20 minutes.
    13. Do not take too long, you can fall asleep.

    Corpse Pose Benefits

    It’s a very simple pose with many benefits. Here are the most popular benefits of corpse pose

    • Remove stress and anxiety.
    • Lowers blood pressure.
    • Increases concentration
    • Accelerates memory.
    • Increases energy in the body.
    • Excellent for getting rid of headaches, and insomnia.
    • Relaxes the body by removing physical and mental exhaustion.
    • Calms the brain and helps in relieving stress and mild depression.

    Precautions for Corpse Pose

    If any yoga pose is done in the wrong way then it can be harmful to the body instead of benefits. So you need to follow the following precautions carefully:

    • Pregnant women and people suffering from low blood pressure should consult a doctor.
    • In back pain, put a thin pillow under the waist.
    • In neck pain, put a round towel under the neck.
    • If you have knee pain then put a thin pillow under the knees.
    • In order not to fall asleep, keep feeling the effect of the asana.
    • Practice only in a quiet place.

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    Corpse Pose FAQ

    Where should I do the pose of the corpse?

    In a clean and quiet place.

    When should I do the pose of the corpse?

    Finally after doing all the yoga poses.
    Anytime to relieve fatigue.

    Does it keep you away from stress and anxiety?


    Can a pregnant woman do the corpse pose?

    In such a situation you should consult a doctor.

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