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7 Yoga Poses To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Anyone’s Help.

    Yoga Poses To Lose Weight

    In modern times obesity is spreading rapidly as a disease because most people are suffering from it. Everyone want to look slim and trim but don’t have time to go to fitness centers, Don’t worry here we will discuss about 7 yoga poses to lose weight fast att home without anyone’s help.

    Our body becomes unformed due to the wrong routine and irregularity in eating. Everyone wants to have a balanced and shapely body, but for this, it is necessary to improve their routine and eating habits.

    What is obesity?

    When the weight of the body exceeds the value of height, then assume that you have become fat.

    Many times it happens when we become fat, we stop paying attention and believe that now it is too late and even after trying many times, we give up because of not getting success.

    Come on, it’s not too late, you want to try now right? This is a big thought and now you can lose weight with yoga at home without anyone’s help.

    Is yoga poses good to lose weight?

    Yes, yoga is a very easy and effective way to reduce obesity. By adapting yoga to your daily routine, you can make yourself energetic and you can easily reduce weight by controlling your appetite, stress, etc.

    List of best yoga poses to lose weight.

    Let us know which yoga poses will be best to reduce our weight:-

    1. Sun Salutation(Surya Namaskara)

    Sun salutation is a combination of multiple poses, sun salutation is a set of 12 steps, it’s a complete exercise and considered as a complete body workout. (Read More: How to do Sun salutation)

    2. Triangle Pose(Trikonasana)

    This is a simple and useful asana for people suffering from obesity. Regular practice of Triangle Pose can easily reduce the extra fat stored on your stomach, waist, thigh, and buttocks. (Read More: Triangle Pose Benefits and Precautions)

    3. Butterfly pose(Titali Asana)

    Regular practice of butterfly posture makes your body flexible and muscles strong. It is very useful and easy to reduce belly and thigh fat. (Read More: How to do Butterfly pose?)

    4. Raised Leg Pose(Uttanpadasana)

    Many mental and physical problems can be got rid of with raised leg pose. This is very useful for reducing belly fat and body flexibility. (Read More: How to do Raised Leg Pose)

    5. Half plough pose(Ardhahalasana)

    Half plough pose is a beneficial posture for those who have back and stomach-related problems. This pose has many benefits to strengthen your body muscles and helps to fight obesity. (Read More: Benefits of Half Plough Pose)

    6. Wind Relieving pose(Pawanmuktasana)

    Wind Relieving pose is a way of expelling the stomach air in digestive disorders. This pose helps in eliminating disturbances in the digestive system and it is an easy yoga pose to reduce belly fat. (Read More: Wind Relieving Pose Benefits)

    7. Boat Pose (Naukasana)

    Boat Pose is an important pose among the poses performed lying on the back. At the first sight it is a simple pose but when you will do then balancing is very difficult. (Read More: How to do Boat Pose?)

    Why yoga poses better to lose weight?

    Well, it depends on you, what you choose, but yoga is why it has the following reasons

    1. Yoga keeps you physically and mentally healthy.
    2. It also gives peace to the mind by eliminating stress.
    3. Yoga also reduces weight fast
    4. Can easily be done anywhere.
    5. No other machine or man is required.
    6. The results may come late but are permanent.

    Common Questions

    Q. Should I pay attention to my food too with yoga?
    A. Yes. (Read more: What should be my diet plan?)

    Q. What is the best time to do yoga?
    A. Early in the morning empty stomach.

    Q. How many days in a week yoga practice should I do?
    A. Every day or a minimum of 5 days a week. (Read more: How many times yoga practice in a week should I do?)


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