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Is weight loose medicines good for health?

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The Simple answer of this question is No, weight loose medicines can not be useful and healthy for weight loose, If you want to lose your weight, then you need to practice yoga or exercise regularly and control your diet.

About the side effects of weight loose medicines:-

  • There is no guarantee you will loose your weight using weight loose medicines, but that is the guarantee you will get some side effects.
  • Medicines can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure and can be for more parts of the body.
  • If you will take for a long time, then it’s possible you can become addicted and you need to take for your whole life, if you become addicted then you can lose your power, work capacity.
  • You may experience multiple side effects like vomiting, headache, upset stomach.
  • Do not believe on advertisements they can be full of with false claims, to attract you they will never say true about side effects, they will just say about benefits of medician and will promise to lose your weight but it’s not true.
  • Once you started then you will be not able to say good buy them, as you won’t be able to change your habits.
  • With the lot of efforts if you decided to not take them again then it’s possible you can gain your weight again.

Then what I do, How to lose my weight?
As we mentioned in starting you can lose your weight by the daily practice of exercise or Yoga steps. There is no harm of exercise and yoga if you do under guidance an expert, and the biggest advantage is you will get your goal to lose weight, without any medicines.

With the exercise, you need to control on your eating habits, Don’t eat more oily and dairy products for some time till you get fit your body, and after fit take them just for taste not.