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How to get rid Stretch Marks of Pregnancy

Stretch Marks of Pregnancy

During pregnancy due to the stretch in the skin, most pregnant women get stretch marks on your body, the lower part of the stomach and the waist. Skin starts appearing in different colors, they are called stretch marks. If not given attention at the right time, then they can remain forever.

To get rid Stretch Marks of Pregnancy

1. Stretch marks can be reduced by massaging on the stretch marks with oil, Coconut oil is the best to get results better and fast.

2. Apply lemon juice to the stretch marks and after drying wash them with lukewarm water.

3. Use coffee and aloe vera a paste on stretch marks. using past massage 4-5 minutes. Now, wait for 15 minutes and after wipe wash with plain water. To remove dryness from skin use moisturizer on marks. after one month you will feel the stretch marks will be reduced a lot.

4. Rub potato pieces on the affected areas daily. Wash with water and apply a moisturizer.

5. Take a 1 spoon sugar, some almond oil, some lemon juice and mix them now apply the paste on stretch marks for 2-3 minutes. Try this mixture daily for a month before bath.