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Do you know how to beat high blood pressure?

    high blood pressure

    By regular lifestyle and a balanced diet, we can avoid all kinds of diseases. Most diseases are caused by irregular eating. The problem of high blood pressure is also due to irregular eating and a bad lifestyle.

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    If you want to cure your HIGH BP problem or want to save yourself from HIGH BP then eat a balanced diet and do exercises regularly, here we will discuss what you need to eat to cure or save himself from HIGH BP

    What to include in your diet to prevent high BP: –

    • Include more fiber-rich foods in your daily diet.
    • Include green vegetables in food.
    • Include vitamin C rich foods in food.
    • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

    What are fiber-rich foods?

    Multigrain Flour, Sattu, Oatmeal, Sprouted grains, and Whole Grains

    What are Vitamin C rich foods?

    Eat fruits according to the orange, seasonal, grape, lemon season.

    What should not eat to protect against high BP?

    Do not consume red meat, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, oily foods, Chinese food.

    Home Remedies To Control High BP

    Using following home remedies you can control High BP

    • Garlic is considered an excellent source of blood pressure control.
    • Regular consumption of black pepper keeps blood pressure under control and can relieve many diseases. You can eat black pepper by adding it to the vegetable every day.
    • Blood pressure can be reduced immediately after onion consumption.

    Home Remedies To Control High BP

    Along with medication to control blood pressure, do yoga and pranayama as well, these yoga san can help in controlling your blood pressure: –

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    Do not make any change in your daily routine and diet without a doctor’s advice.


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