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I am very weak, How to gain weight?

    gain weight

    There is a big difference between gain weight and achieving good health. Do you want to have good health? then find out the reason why you are weak?.

    Everyone gives advice to a weak person to gain weight and you will see around you fatty people are trying to lose weight day and night. It’s not mean you don’t need to gain weight but you need to gain a healthy weight to look perfect, not overweight.

    A normal healthy person needs at least 2200 to 2600 calories daily. So assume that you have to take so many calories daily. If we eat foods with more calories than this, there is a possibility of increasing obesity, not good health.

    To gain weight, you have to be patient and you have to take a balanced constant diet for a long time, then you get to see the result after a month or two. It’s not magic and magic does not work for long.

    Find the reason for your weakness

    You need to find the reason for your weakness and then you can find a way to be healthy. Here are some common reasons for the weakness:

    • Due to a stomach problem, the food is not properly absorbed in the body.
    • Wrong or too much exercise.
    • Not getting enough sleep.
    • Excessive stress in daily life.
    • Not eating on time or do not eat according to the need of your body.
    • Not eating essential nutrients.
    • Your fast metabolism digest everything you eat.
    • Worms in the stomach.
    • Side effects of medicines

    If there are any of these reasons, then correct them first. So that the efforts made to increase the weight can successful.

    How to increase appetite to gain weight?

    Everyone says that more and healthy eating leads to weight gain, but no one tells that how to increase hunger, if I am not feeling hungry then how can I eat. If so, then pay attention to these things to increase appetite

    • First of all, find out if there is any disease behind your weakness. If so, treat it first.
    • Instead of eating more in one go, keep eating something every 2 or 3 hours.
    • Start increasing your diet gradually. Increase it little by little according to your digestion ability.
    • Do exercise, yoga or running once a day.

    How to increase digestion power?

    • Must sleep at least 7 hours
    • Avoid excessive use of tea.
    • Avoid smoking

    What to eat to gain weight?

    • Eggs or Potato(if you are vegetarian)
    • Milk and Banana
    • Paneer
    • Peanut Butter
    • Dry Friuts

    And most important

    • Never forgot your breakfast.
    • Have lunch and dinner on time everyday.

    A healthy diet is very important to gain weight but it’s not necessary what you are eating, but it’s more important when you are eating every day. You need to take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily on time without any mistake.

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