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How can gain weight in 30 days? (For vegetarian)

    gain weight vegetarian

    Being a vegetarian to gain weight is not a problem even a vegetarian diet is more good and beneficial to get a perfect body. Because a vegetarian diet is easy to digest to get all benefits of the food.

    Its true vegetarian diet takes some time to show the result, but you will get a healthy, strong, and fit body to impress others.

    Perfect body vs Thin body

    Those who have a fit and attractive body leave a good effect on other people with their personality, but a thin person feels less confident due to their low weight.

    A fit person has more chance to get selected for sports and activities.

    People can make fun of you for being underweight.

    Disadvantages of being underweight

    How to gain weight vegetarian in 30 days?

    To achieve the goal in 30 days, it is very important for you to recognize the problem that why the weight is low and why it does not increase even after eating a lot.

    Here are some weight loss common reasons, if any of belong to you then you need to find the solution for that.

    • Do you have any stomach related problem.
    • Doing excessive excersies.
    • Not getting enough sleep.
    • Any type of sress.
    • Not eating on time
    • Not eating according to the body needs.
    • No nutrents in your food.
    • It is the side effects of medicines taken for weight gain or any other disease.

    Not found any problem with mentioned in above points then follow these simple tips to reach the goal.

    What should be gain weight vegetarian diet plan?

    Your diet plan should be like this

    Before breakfast within an hour of waking up in the morning.

    • Eat 2 bananas with milk.

    In Breakfast(Anyone following or you can eat by changing each day)

    • 1 plate rice or 1 plate poha or 1 plate upma or 4 idali with sambhar
    • Whole wheat bread with 1 glass milk.
    • Paneer Sandwich and 1 glass milk.
    • Seasonal fresh fruit or fresh fruit juices.
    • Any potato recipe which you like Or boild potato with little salt.
    • Dry friuts (5-6 Badam, 10 Kismis, 2 Anjir).

    In Lunch

    • 1 bowl curd with sugar
    • 3-4 rotis and parathas or as much as you can eat.
    • 1 bowl lentils
    • 1 bowl seasonal vegetable

    Evening snack

    • Snacks or Sprouts
    • Soup with butter.
    • Grilled cheese


    Same as lunch without curd and rice. Take dinner early so that it can be digested completely.

    Before 30 minutes going to sleep

    1 glass of lukewarm milk

    Lifestyle changes for gain weight vegetarian

    • Must sleep at least 7-8 hours in night
    • Get some sleep for 30 miniute in day after lunch.
    • Stop use of tea.
    • Stop smoking
    • Do exercise/yoga for 30 minits every day.

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