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Do you know the disadvantages of being underweight?

    underweight disadvantages

    Your weight should also be good for a healthy body. Generally, people do not consider more on the disadvantages of being underweight.

    Everyone is disturbed about obesity or increased weight, but they never think if they are underweight, but an underweight person can face many health problems.

    Often people give the advice to reduce obesity but no one gives the advice to increase the weight.

    A low-weight man or woman just does not look only weak, also their personality does not look attractive. Many times have seen others make fun of them.

    Underweight disadvantages

    1. Do not get better growth of muscles.
    2. Weak Immunity
    3. Repeated cold-coughing.
    4. Dizziness
    5. Stay headache.
    6. Feel fatigued at work.
    7. There are problems like hormonal imbalances in women.
    8. Being anemia (lack of blood)
    9. Hair fall or getting hair white before time.
    10. Stain spots on the face.

    Reasons of underweight

    1. Unbalanced diet.
    2. Do not eat at times.
    3. Do not sleep enough.
    4. Working more than the capacity.
    5. Diabetes.
    6. Thyroid.
    7. Depression.
    8. Tuberchlossis i.e. TB
    9. Swelling in the intestine.

    When to go to the doctor?

    1. 4.5 to 5 kg weight decreases in 6 months.
    2. 5% of body weight decreases in 6 months

    If you do not understand the reason for the low weight then you should go to the doctor immediately to know the reason.

    If you know the reason and want to gain weight then here is the solution for you. You can easily gain weight by changing your diet and doing some exercise. read blow article to know more:

    Do it for fast weight gain and good body shape (for men).

    It is also important to be balanced to body weight to stay healthy.

    Those who have weight according to their age and length, definitely enjoy a healthy life. If your weight is low according to length and age, then definitely you have the need to gain weight.


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