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5 Foods to Good for an Empty Stomach

    Foods to Good on an Empty Stomach

    Do you want healthy life then you need to start your morning with some good foods, here we will talk about 5 foods to good for an empty stomach, in the early morning you can eat these 5 foods to get better health.

    These foods are good on an empty stomach, and eating good foods empty stomach can make entire day better, if you have some digestive system related problems then try to start your morning with any of one food listed here, like that you can cure your digestive system problems:

    List of 5 Good foods for an Empty Stomach


    Honey is a good source of amino acids, multiple minerals, and B vitamins, honey prevents gastric related disease, honey can boost your immune system.


    Blueberries contain vitamin A, C, and E, antioxidant compounds, prevent infections, Blueberries improve memory and good to maintain blood pressure.

    Whole Grain Bread

    Early in the morning, you can eat whole grain bread as they are a good source of carbohydrates and nutrients necessary for the body.


    Eating watermelon on any empty stomach is good, watermelon contains the good amount of fluid so it prevents dehydration. Watermelon is full of with A, B-complex and C vitamins, also contain antioxidants all are good for organs and tissues.


    Nuts are a very good choice on an empty stomach. Nuts improve the digestive system and rich source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids

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