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Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach

    Foods to Avoid

    In today’s busy life most of the people have digestive system problem, if we can make some small changes in our eating habits then we can live a healthy life, in hese chagnes most importent change is we need to control to some foods in empty stomach,   There is Lot of foods to avoid on an empty stomach if you will eat them empty stomach you can face health related problems, so it’s better to avoid them early in the morning


    The eating pears empty stomach can cause a gastric problem and damage gastrointestinal tissues.


    Avoid spicy food if you are the empty stomach, in empty stomach spices can harm for liver and other parts of your stomach.


    Eating sugar empty stomach can increase insulin levels in your body, which is not good for pancreas and damage of pancreas can be a reason of diabetes.

    Milk products

    In the empty stomach, milk product can cause a gastric problem.

    Salad and Green Vegetables

    Salad and Green Vegetables are the big sources of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, in the empty stomach they can be the reason of abdominal pain and gastric disorder.


    Banana is not good to eat empty stomach it’s bad for your heart because banana is a big source of magnesium, avoid banana to east early in the morning.

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