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Having food is an art, Do you know?

    having food

    Very few people know that having food is an art, The experts accepted that eating food without the knowledge and limit can be left bad side effects on health.

    Whenever you plan to eat something in the market, you must think about whether this will help to meet the necessary nutrients in the body and, it will not harm you, Then you will be able to decide what is right and what is wrong for your health.

    A small amount of bad food taken in the market can be the reason for stomach related problems.

    So choose the right food then you will always be healthy, and just it’s an eating food is an art, your right selection on right place will never give you health-related problems

    Do not eat many times in a day, You should take your breakfast, lunch, dinner on time only, if you will untimely manner then you can face health-related problems. Eat only when your system allows because keeping the digestive system more busy will damage the system and as a result, the food taken by you will not digest properly.

    On eat too much then your body needs you can fill the weakness because your most amount of blood will try to digest food taken by you.

    Many times we do not even eat nutritious food due to canned food and fast food, and this creates problems like obesity, acidity in our body.

    Never eat more food than your body needs and never eat less than your body requires. Your food should always be balanced.

    Foods necessary for the body

    Fruit, fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk, light spices(spices are very necessary for your body)

    Foods not necessary for the body

    Fast food, heavy spices, old prepared food, open food, canned food, long time fridiged items.


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