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The secrets of the human body parts will surprise you

    human body secrets

    Our body is amazing and it is full of surprises. Human body secrets are not less than a machine or factory, so understanding the human body secrets and structure is not just simple to everyone. Many interesting things related to our body, can surprise to know.

    10 human body parts secrets and function


    A person’s healthy heart beats about 100,000 times per day. Our heart beats more than 30 million times in a year. The heart’s pumping pressure is much faster, which can be effective in rolling blood up to 30 feet.


    Lungs present in the body as an air filter lungs process about 20 lakh liters of air daily. You might be surprised to know that if the lungs are pulled, then it can cover the part of a tennis court.

    Blood Speed

    Do you know our body contains approx 5.6 liters blood, which runs at such a fast speed that it rotates in the whole body every 20 seconds? Blood of our body travels about 1,92,000 kilometers per day.


    Our eyes are so fast that even in millions of colors, we can easily find the difference. There is no such machine in the world which can perform like eyes.

    Speed of the nervous system

    More than 100 billion nerve cells are found in our brains. Speaking of the nervous system, it transmits necessary instructions to the second part of our whole body at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.


    Our None works as a natural air conditioner and purifier, nose supply fresh air to lungs after converting hot air to cold in summer and cold air hot in winter.


    The strongest organ of our body is the tooth. They are like a rock in strength.

    The eyelids

    The eyelids are so quick so that sweat can get out of the eyes and moisture remains in the eyes.


    In our mouth, every day About 1.7 liters of saliva is made, which is effective in digesting our food and keeping more than 10,000 tasting glands moist in the tongue.


    We think that the fingernails of all fingers grow at a speed of one. While the middle fingernail is fastest and the thumbnail grows at the lowest speed.


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