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Deficiency of which vitamin causes leg pain?

    vitamin causes leg pain

    Legs are the part of our body that carries the entire body’s weight. In today’s time, it has become very common to have leg, knee pain, leg sprain, or pain in the bones of the foot. Do you have leg pain then don’t worry here we will discuss which vitamin causes leg pain and how to cure this problem?

    This problem is more in women than men, 80% of women suffer from some problem related to feet.

    Painkillers are usually used to relieve foot pain. But consuming this type of medicine in excess can also cause harm. That is why do not consume such drugs in excess.

    Deficiency of which vitamin causes leg pain?

    There is no single reason for pain in the legs, but due to the lack of “Vitamin D” in the body, there is a problem of pain in the legs. The deficiency of vitamin D causes blockages in bone growth, due to which our feet hurt a lot while sleeping at night.

    Can Vitamin D Deficiency Be Ignored?

    No, do not do this because due to the lack of vitamin D, the problem of foot pain increases day by day and our immune system is also affected. That’s why ignoring it can cost you heavily.

    How to increase Vitamin D?

    • Get enough sunlight.
    • Include foods rich in vitamin D in the diet like oranges, mushrooms, carrots, milk, curd, butter, cottage cheese, tofu, sprouted grains, etc.
    • Eggs, fish especially salmon and tuna, and red meat are good sources of vitamin D for non-vegetarians.
    • Eat one spoon-soaked fenugreek seed daily. Fenugreek is a pain reliever and is good for bones.
    • Drink a spoonful of turmeric mixed with lukewarm milk.
    • Drink one teaspoon of almond oil (Badam Rogan) mixed with milk daily.
    • Massage the whole body with oil while sitting in the sun.
    • Exercise regularly, or go for a walk. (Read more: Health Benefits Of Running.)

    Why is Vitamin D important?

    • For the strength of bones and muscles.
    • To increase immunity (Read more: How To Boost Immune System?)
    • Helps to prevent cancer.
    • Controls the coordination of nerves and muscles.
    • It prevents inflammation and infection.

    What happens with vitamin D deficiency?

    • Weakening of bones and muscles.
    • Back and lower body pain.
    • Low immunity.
    • Being very tired and lethargic.
    • Increase in infertility.
    • Irregular periods.

    Vitamin D FAQ

    What is the best source of vitamin D for vegetarians?

    Sun rays, carrots, dairy products.

    What is the best source of Vitamin D for non-vegetarians?

    Sun rays, carrots, dairy products, tuna fish, eggs.

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