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Do Dinner on Time to Cure Stomach Related Problems

    Eating Dinner Early

    Do you have stomach related problems? If the problem is not cured even after taking a lot of medicines, it may be due to your habit of not having dinner on time and not sleeping on time.

    if you are well and not taking your dinner at the right time, then you should start to do this today on time otherwise you can face many health-related issues in the future.

    There should be a good difference in your bedtime and dinner time. We are taking dinner just before 15-20 minutes going to bed, this is a very bad habit. The dinner should be taken 3-4 hours before sleep, so foods taken by you in dinner can be digested completely.

    This is a major reason behind the death from most heart attacks that people fall asleep immediately after having dinner.

    Benefits of eating dinner on time

    1. Your system will get more time to digest
    2. With better digestion, The nutrients present in the food will provide nutrition and strength to the body.
    3. It helps to reduce weight.
    4. Prevent acidity and indigestion.
    5. Help to deep sleep well at night
    6. It helps to control insulin and keep safe sugar-related problems.

    For some reason If it is not possible for you to eat dinner before 3-4 hours to sleep at night, then you should eat the light food with a good source of fiber like Green Vegetable, Oatmeal(Daliya), rice, Salad, etc. Green vegetables are a great source of fiber.


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