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How To Boost Immune System & Internal Power?

    Boost Immune System

    Do you feel weak during work hours and don’t know what to do to be healthy? Then you are on the right page, Here are some tips they can help you to boost the immune system.

    Our immune system should be powerful to fight any type of germs and viruses. Body immunity depends on what we are eating every day. If the immune system is week then you can feel internal weakness and germs can easily attack.

    We can protect our body by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants and help the immune system to protect your body from various diseases.

    How to Boost the Immune System

    1. Green tea and black tea both are beneficial for boosting the immune system, drink only one to two cups of them a day more consumption can be harmful to your body.
    2. Include green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet to be healthy, Tomato, capsicum, fruit juice is good to boost immunity.
    3. Vitamin A is a very important vitamin to increase immunity, Almonds contain a lot of vitamin A.
    4. Curd is best to increases immune power and to make the digestive system better.
    5. Raw garlic is very helpful to boost the immune system. A sufficient amount of vitamin A and E, zinc, allicin, sulfur, and selenium are found in Raw garlic.

    Do and don’t do to boost the immune system

    1. Do not smoke.
    2. Do not consume alcohol.
    3. Exercise daily at least 15 minutes.
    4. Sleep well, don’t wake up late at night.
    5. Keep cleanliness around you, clean your hands before eating.


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