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How to Naturally Detoxify Lungs: No Medicine

    Smog - Detoxify Lungs

    When there was fog in the winter days in childhood, we were very happy to see it. But gradually we became modern and this fog turned into smog. Here is the solution for you how to naturally detoxify lungs in the days of winter during heavy smog.

    Smoke and dirt from vehicles, factories, are mixed in the environment, which pollutes the air.

    Now it has become difficult to breathe due to smog in the environment, in such a situation, we should take care of our health.

    In winter the biggest problem seen in society is related to the lungs because of the fresh oxygen due to smog.

    During smog in the environment, you need to take some actions to protect your lungs. you can take any of one drink to detoxify your lungs without any medication naturally.

    How to Detoxify Lungs Naturally Without any Medicine

    1. Green tea is the best option to clean lungs naturally, you can include green tea in your daily drink to save the lungs from the pollution.
    2. Turmeric is an excellent kitchen item to control cough and cold effects on the body. You can use turmeric in milk to drink or in hot water to gargle.
    3. Grape juice is good to out toxins form the lungs. In a day you can drink grape juice once.
    4. It is good to have lemon water with ginger clean toxins from the body including the lungs.
    5. Drink warm water instead of cold water.

    Where are the most effects of smog?

    This problem mostly occurs in big cities, but nowadays the smoke of these big cities is becoming more and more troublesome in small towns and villages with the wind. In short, you can say it’s everywhere.

    What precautions can I use?

    If you are going out of home then you should use the mask to protect your lungs. Also, give your contribution to be not part of smog. Do not use your personal vehicle during winters try to use public transport or pool a vehicle with some of your friends.

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