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5 Disadvantages of diet soda

    diet soda

    Diet soda is a popular drink all over the world, most of the persons love to drink soda daily without thinking about the disadvantage of diet sodas.

    Diet soda is not body nutritious so it’s should not be consumed on a daily basis. it’s simple if we will drink an artificial drink every day it can be harmful to our body.

    Here are 5 Disadvantages of diet soda

    1. Excess of diet soda daily increases the chances of diabetes(Type 2) and heart attack

    2. Use of artificial sweeteners in dite soda can Increase the risk of weight gain

    3. Drinking diet soda during pregnancy can cause negative outcomes on a child, like childhood obesity or premature delivery.

    4. Dite soda is not good for kidney function, Some studies found that who drank more than one diet sodas in a day they had chance 30% decrease in kidney function

    5. Daily use of diet soda is bad for teeth.

    Then what is the best drink for daily use?

    Fresh juice, lemon water are the best to drink for a healthy life.


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