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20 Good Habits To Stay Healthy

    good habits to stay healthy

    By adopting good habits, you can keep yourself and all your family members healthy, and it is not very difficult to do, you can do this by adopting 20 common habits like –

    1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after coming home from outside, before preparing food, before eating, after eating and after using the bathroom.
    2. Pay special attention to cleanliness in the house, especially the kitchen and toilets.
    3. Do not allow water to collect anywhere.
    4. Use phenyl, floor cleaner etc. in the cleaning of sinks, wash basins and floors.
    5. Do not leave any food item uncovered in the kitchen or in your refrigerator.
    6. Never put wet utensils in the rack.
    7. Use fresh vegetables and fruits.
    8. Never keep wet utensils in the rack, nor keep dry containers etc. with lids.
    9. Make sure to check the date on items with expiry dates.
    10. Do not use too much oil, made of spices, backed and rich food.
    11. Do not destroy the nutritious elements of vegetables etc. by over cooking.
    12. Make sure to use salad, curd, milk, porridge, green vegetables, whole lentils and cereals in food.
    13. Use clean water for cooking and drinking. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly and use them.
    14. Minimize the use of both sugar and salt.
    15. Do not use junk food, soft drinks and juices made from artificial sugar etc.
    16. Dinner should be till eight o’clock and this food should be light-filled.
    17. Change bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains on time.
    18. Yoga and meditation to stay away from stress.
    19. Exercise every day for half an hour.
    20. Do not sit in one position for a long time.
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