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10 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Stop Hair Loss

Hair fall has become very common in today’s, The problem of hair loss increases with age and when the hair starts falling more than normal range then fear starts to panic because the hair enhances our beauty. Normally, about 50 to 80 hair fall in every day but If your hair loos too much, then this is a matter of concern.

Common causes of Hair Loss.

What is the reason for hair loss, It is very important to know, Only then you can stop hair loss, So first know the hair loss reasons, here is a list of hair loss causes.

  • Hair color and Hair dye can increase your hair fall.
  • Deficiency of Mineral and Vitamins May Fall Hair.
  • No exercise- good blood circulation is necessary to keep hair healthy.
  • Too many use of drugs.
  • Hard Comb and hair brush.
  • Stress is a big reason of hair loss.
  • Bad digestion power.
  • Hard or hot water is also a cause of Hair fall.

10 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

By following these tips you can stop your hair loss, you can give a treatment to your hairs, you can increase your hair growth

  1. At first you pay attention to your diet. You should use these foods according to your digestion, walnuts, almonds, eggs, spinach, papaya and other rich vitamin foods.
  2. Exercise regularly to keep your blood circulation correct.
  3. Never take excessive medicines, do not take any medicines without consulting the doctor.
  4. Change your comb and hairbrush time to time, broken comb and hairbrush are very bad for roots of the hair.
  5. Do not use comb and brush in wet hair.
  6. Do not use any chemical on hair, a chemical can increase hair loss.
  7. If your hair is dry then use shampoo only in 2-3 times in the week never use soap.
  8. Use normal water in the bath.
  9. You need to remember your hair is a very softly attached to head skin, and pressure of the hair dryer can damage roots of hair so do not use too much hair dryer.
  10. Use Ayurvedic Medicines, you can consult a good Ayurvedic physician. Never use allopathic medicine, because there are many side effects of allopathic medicine.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you can save your hair from falling. Not worry about hair fall just only try to find out the reason of the hair fall and think positive.

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