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Many types of facials available in the market which facial should I use?

    Many types of facials

    There are many people who use make-up to hide stains, but suppose is it possible that there is not a single stain or black spot on the face? Now you will say no it’s not possible. But the right answer is Yes, it’s possible there are many types of facials that are available for that you just need to use the right facial on your face.

    Facials are an important treatment to keep the proper care and beauty of the face skin.

    Nowadays there are many types of face facials are available in the market with different features.

    It is very difficult to understand which facials should be used.

    How to know my skin type?

    How many types of facials are there?

    Let’s know how many types of facials are available in the market to get fresh and shining skin:

    Classic facial

    This is a common type of facial treatment. This facial suits almost every type of skin and it is best for dry and normal skin types to get freshness on the face. It includes Cleaning, Exfoliating, Moisturizing, and a Face Mask. The process is cleaning the face, exfoliating, moisturizing, and final a mask for the face.

    Aroma therapy facial

    Aroma oil is used in this facial for additional benefits, it is called aromatherapy facial. The Aroma Oil helps to relax your skin and repair skin cells. The facial is considered best for normal and dry skin.

    Fruit facial

    There are no side effects of this facial because done with fresh fruits according to your skin type. It’s completely a natural facial.

    How to choose fruits for this facial?

    For dry skin banana, for oily skin orange and if your skin is dead then use strawberries for more benefits and best result.

    Red wine facial

    There are many anti-oxidants in the wine, which work to make the skin shiny and clean. It reduces the symptoms of increasing age and keeps the flexibility of the skin. Red wine facials remove or reduce wrinkles and stains on the face.

    Gold facial

    Gold facials are very expensive but more impressive than any other facials. Used 24 Carat gold dust particles reduce the effect of pollution, speed up blood circulation, remove pinkness, increase the brightness of the face.

    This is a great facial to reduce wrinkles on the face. you need to use only branded facials they use pure gold dust. In many local facial brands, golden color dust is used instead of pure gold dust.

    How to recognize this is the facial of dust gold.
    If there is pure gold dust then the skin will absorb it’s completely, but the fake dust will look above the skin.

    Silver facial

    This type of facials is finer in the summer season. If you want to show extra fairness then it is a great facial. Pure silver dust is used to give you a great experience of freshness and brightness. To avoid fraud we consider you should use only good and famous brand products.

    Acne reduction facial

    This facial treatment is best for them, which is the problem of pimples.

    With mild scrubbing and steaming it’s cleans your skin pores deeply

    It is best for people with Oily Skin Types.

    Anti aging facial

    Ingredients used in facials help to reduce the symptoms of increasing age.

    If the fine lines appear on the face then you can reduce them with the Anti-Aging Facial. This facial is a good option for women over 30 years.

    Anti-Aging Facials include Deep Por Cleaning, Exfoliating, Microdyrroduction, or Skin Recovering Steps.

    Pearl facial

    If your skin is oily then this facial is perfect for you. Pearl is full of many types of amino acids and mineral elements, which makes the skin soft. This facial makes the glowing skin.

    After the light facial with pearl cream massage, a pearl mask is used on the face. Deep Cleaning of the facial brings brightness to the skin. It helps in maintaining moisture and rejoining the skin pores.

    Diamond facial

    This facial clears the dead cells from the skin and shows extra shine on the face. It is a good facial to reduce signs of aging from your face.

    The skin becomes loose due to Cologne, and a diamond facial is a solution for that after this facial you will feel tightness and freshness on your face. This facial cleans the skin and removes toxic substances. Thereby oxygen label of the skin increases.

    Photo facial

    This is not an ordinary facial, it should be done by an expert. Light Energy is used in the process of photo facials.

    An intense pulse light machine is used to put a special light on the skin. This process increases the amount of collagen in the skin and lowers wrinkles.

    A session of photo facial takes approx 20 minutes and five-session necessary for this facial. Each session has a difference of three weeks to do the next facial.

    How Many times do i need to do a facial in a month?

    It’s dependent on your skin in our recommendation 1 time is sufficient in a month to get a glow on your face.


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