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How to know my skin type?

    How to know my skin type

    How to recognize my skin type it’s a common question that often comes to our mind when we face skin-related problems or want to do makeup according to our skin.

    In today’s you will get the answer to your question in detail and then easily you can find the type of your skin.

    What are the types of skin?

    First of all, it is important for us to know how many types of skin we have. It is important to know this because the effect of the season also affects the skin.

    There are generally 5 types of skin:

    1. Oily skin
    2. Dry skin
    3. Combination skin (mix of oil and dry skin)
    4. Sensitive skin
    5. Normal skin

    How to know my skin type?

    Now you’re thinking it’s very difficult to find about it in seconds without the help of anything else.

    Test to find the type of skin

    With a finger test, you can identify your skin easily in 10 seconds, Ok now you just need to do the steps below:

    1. Wash your mouth with a good facewash and wait for 30-45 minutes.
    2. Rub your forehead and nose with two fingers of one hand.
    3. Rub your cheeks from bottom to top with another hand two fingers.

    Oily Skin
    There is some oily feeling on the fingers of both your hands, then your skin is oily.

    Dry Skin
    No oily feeling on the fingers of both your hands, then your skin is Dry.

    Combination Skin
    If the fingers that touched the forehead and nose are oily and the fingers that touched the cheeks are not oily. Then your skin type is the combination.

    Sensitive Skin
    Sensitive skin people always have signs of acne or allergy on their face. If you have signs like that, then your skin is sensitive.

    Normal Skin
    on touch checks, if you feel very soft and your figures don’t have any oil and no dryness then your skin type is normal.

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