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How to cure dark spots under the eyes?

    dark spots under the eyes

    The eyes are an integral part of the face and having dark spots under the eyes is a big problem. Dark spots under the eyes make you look sick and your beauty is also destroyed.

    Due to dark circles, the face starts looking ugly. Therefore, it is very important to cure dark spots.

    What are dark circles under the eyes?

    The darkening of the skin under the eyes is called the dark spot.

    Causes of dark spots under the eyes

    In today’s irregular lifestyle, there are many such reasons due to which dark spots come under the eyes. These can be causes of dark spots under the eyes:

    • Lack of proper diet (Read more: Best Foods To Keep Better Health)
    • Iron deficiency.
    • Excessive stress.
    • Not getting enough sleep.
    • Exposure to sunlight and pollution.
    • Allergic to any cream or medicine.
    • Genetic.
    • Having an irregular routine.
    • Heavy framed glasses.

    Home remedies to cure dark spots under the eyes

    Yes, it is a big problem but you don’t have to worry much about it, here are several ways in which you can treat this problem at home. Let’s know the home remedies to remove dark spots:

    • Applying tomato juice under the eyes mixed with a few drops of lemon gives quick benefits.
    • Apply raw cold milk under the eyes with the help of cotton before sleeping at night and wash it with cold water in the morning.
    • Take a potato, cut it into round pieces and rub it under the eyes. Wash the face after half an hour.
    • Massage coconut oil around the eyes with a light hand at night.

    Any of these remedies will reduce and eliminate dark circles within a few weeks. Along with these measures, you also have to pay attention to the precautions given below.


    If there is blackness under the eyes, then you can easily eliminate them by keeping the precautions given below. If it is not, then by adopting these precautions, it will never happen.

    • Do yoga or exercise regularly. (Read more: Yoga for Beginners)
    • Take balanced food.
    • Be stress-free.
    • Get enough sleep of 7-8 hours.

    Eye Dark Spots FAQ

    Does washing eyes with cold water in the morning reduce dark circles?

    No, it does not completely correct but stops the growth and keeps the eyes healthy.

    By eating which thing, dark circles of eyes are reduced?

    Green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, dry fruits, eggs and fish, and almond milk.


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