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Benefits of steaming the face in the right way

    benefits of steaming the face

    When we take steam on the face, then we need to do it in the right way, because If we do not do it properly then the benefits of steaming the face will not be visible.

    Therefore, if we do not pay attention to the precautions, then we may also suffer some disadvantages, which can be bigger later on.

    Benefits of steaming the face

    • Opens all the pores of the face and gives a glow to the face.
    • The face gets fresh.
    • Skin looks younger.
    • Black and whiteheads are removed from the face.
    • It also gives relief from the problem of pimples.
    • The layer of dirt gets removed from the face.
    • Remove wrinkles of early age.

    Precautions to steaming the face

    • For at least twelve hours avoid makeup.
    • If your skin is dry then after half-hour applies a little moisturizer.
    • Take steam only in the winter season, In summer steam only in the morning if it’s not too hot.

    What is the right way to steam the face?

    • First of all, take a pot and fill it half with water.
    • Put the water on the gas and let it boil.
    • Heat the water in the pot till not very hot steam is coming out.
    • After that take off the pot from the flame.
    • Now take a towel and from one side of the towel cover your head and form another side cover the pot.
    • Keep distance between face and pot approx one fit.
    • Take steam only for 10 to 15 minutes.
    • During the process if you feel trouble breathing then you stop taking steam for a couple of seconds.
    • Then again do the same process
    • During steam neither run the fan nor sit in an open place, your room should be covered.
    • As soon as you remove the face from the steam, you have to rub the face lightly with a soft towel. To remove black or whiteheads of the face.

    As mentioned already you have to avoid coming in contact with air and dust immediately after taking steam.

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