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Beauty tips to bring natural glow on face with homemade things

    natural glow on face

    When the skin starts getting dull, then we use many fairness creams available in the market to get natural glow on face. But due to the chemicals present in creams skin becomes black and dead.

    The beauty parlor is not necessary to get glowing skin, by using some natural things at home, you can keep the face natural glow.

    Tips to get glow on the face with natural things at home

    Let us know such easy beauty tips that will help you to get fair and glowing skin in a few weeks in a natural way without any side effects.

    Steaming– In the winter season, you can take steam to clean the face at home. Keep in mind that takes the steam till then only while your skin can bear it, max 5 minutes. For oily skin, this is a great solution.

    Ice Massage – In the summer season massage the face with ice cubes from bottom to top, and later wash the face with normal water.

    Natural bleach – Potatoes are very good for cleaning of the face. Potato is a kind of natural bleach that also reduces the acne. Remove the potato peel and grind it lightly and put it on the face.

    Natural facemask – Want to show shine on the face without any chemicals, then you can try a facemask of gram flour and lemon. To make this facemask take 2-3 teaspoons of gram flour add some lemon juice, little water, and mix well. Now apply the paste to the face. After waiting for 15 minutes wash it with normal water. Do the same for 10 days to get a natural glow on your face

    Natural fairness – Turmeric is not only a destroyer of bacteria, it’s also a great item to the fairness of skin. Mix turmeric in olive oil and put it on the face. Wash the face with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

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