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All About Gua Sha Facial Benefits

    Gua Sha Facial Kit

    Gua Sha facial is the best facial to remove skin stains and increase the natural glow of the face.

    Best facial to remove skin stains and increase the natural glow on the face. Almost every problem of the skin can treat with this therapy.

    This facial keeps the doctor away from skin-related problems and can reduce beauty parlor expenses as the natural shine will come on the face.

    In a week you can use it three times for the best results. Before facial take a rest for 5 to 10 minutes, then use facial tools and oil on your body. Now the body will relax and be ready to get the benefits of therapy. The best time to do a facial is at the time you are going to sleep.

    When to use?

    • Skin looks dead.
    • Not removing acne marks.
    • If allergic marks on the skin.

    What are the benefits of Gua Shaw facial

    • Remove skin stains end the spots.
    • This Facial Release lactic acids from the muscles.
    • Helpful to tone pores of the skin.
    • Good for skin refreshment.
    • The body’s lymphatic system is helpful to correct.
    • Correct the body’s lymphatic system.
    • Able to cure body blood circulation.

    How to do Gua Sha Facial?

    Gua Sha Facial is more right to take from an expert because this facial is given according to the problem of your skin.

    If you are doing it at home, and not getting any advantage, then take the expert advice. If the tool is not used in the right way at home then this can damage your skin too.

    Steps to do Gua Sha Facial

    1. Apply a good moisturizer on your skin.
    2. Now massage with Gua Sha tool from bottom to top, from neck to cheek.
    3. Do the same 5 to 6 times.

    On Head left to right and right to left

    Gua Sha Facial step cheeks

    On Cheek & Neck bottom to top

    Tools used in Gua Sha.

    Here are tools approved by experts

    • Roller
    • Jade
    Many types of facials available in the market which facial should I use?

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