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What are the causes of baldness? Is it genetic?

    what are the causes of baldness

    Hair care is very important to prevent hair fall. Hair fall is natural, but if more hair starts falling prematurely, then it becomes a matter of concern. That affects both males and females. There can be multiple causes of baldness but hair fall is the main cause of baldness.

    If you know why your hair is falling excessively, then it is possible that you can avoid baldness or take the right treatment.

    Here we will discuss hair fall causes in detail so you can identify the problem to take the right decision.

    Types of baldness

    Before knowing the causes of baldness it is necessary to understand types of baldness. So you can be more clear about your problem. There are two types of baldness:

    1. Temporary baldness

    In this, the hair of the head starts falling from different places. The reason for this is mental stress, lack of nutrients in the body.

    2. Permanent baldness

    In this stage, the hair starts falling very fast because the root of the hair becomes very weak. The scalp also loses its ability to produce new hair.

    How does excessive fall of hair cause of baldness?

    As we know there can be many causes of baldness and genetics is also one of them. Here are some of the reasons for baldness:-

    Genetically: Genetics plays a huge role in the overall development of the body. This type of hair loss is the most common cause of 70 to 80 percent of baldness in men. This can also happen in women, but it is rarely seen.

    If this is the reason for your hair fall then the hair fall will not stop after taking medicines. While you will take medicine you can stop hair fall but as you stop then hair fall will start again. Also taking medicines for a long time can also be harmful.

    Stress: We all know that stress is the root of many diseases. If you are under stress then it can also affect your digestion and with poor digestion system will not absorb nutrition from food. Hair fall can also occur due to low nutrition. But that will be not permanent that can be stopped with medicines and a nutritious diet.

    Experiment: Many people apply different types of soap, shampoo, oil, cream to the hair, due to this type of experiment hair fall can start. Therefore, Don’t change a product you are using to care for or shine your hair.

    Medicines: Long-term use of medicines can also cause hair fall. Medicines for many diseases have to be taken continuously, they cannot be stopped. To prevent this type of hair fall, you should pay attention to nutrition, but also eat according to your disease.

    Diseases: Sometimes hair starts falling due to diseases like diabetes, liver problems, skin problems.

    Hormone imbalance – There can also be a possibility of hormonal imbalance due to irregular routine, no exercise, smoking, or consumption of alcohol.

    How to stop hair fall?

    • Make some changes in daily life.
    • Practice yoga.
    • Problem with digestion, then pay attention to correct it.
    • Take good nutritional food.
    • Massage the head with coconut oil or castor oil twice a week.
    • Dandruff, then see the doctor or try hair spa once in two months.

    Know more about how to stop hair loss

    Last option to cure baldness

    Is your baldness permanent? There is no solution to grow new hair then only a hair transplant is the last option for you.


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